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Overseas promotion

Bossgoo.com is a B2B e-commerce platform for foreign trade founded in 2009. It subverts the traditional B2B marketing model. It integrates multi-language marketing websites, multi-language B2B trading platform, multi-language search engine marketing and local small-language promotion services to help foreign trade enterprises develop multi-channel marketing. And achieve better promotion effect.

Global trade links

Jian Yi Yi international marketing website +97 small language website one key generation = fool building

Search easy multi language, multi search engine, whole station SEO+ rich external chain resources = good search engine performance.

Browse Euro-American Style Website + Overseas High-Speed Cloud Server + WAP Website Suitable for Mobile Browsing = Good Browsing Experience for Visitors anytime, anywhere

Marketing Easy Enterprise Independent Website Marketing + B2B Trade Platform + Localized Marketing in Small Languages + 20 Search Engine Optimization = Four in One Whole Web Marketing (WBSM)

Convert easy enquiry system + mail system = let every visit leave traces.

Easy to operate Web terminal one-stop management platform + omni-directional website data analysis = multi scene convenient manipulation

Core value

Global Trading Tong is the global network marketing and cross-border e-commerce trading platform of Ningbo High-tech Zone Interconnected Start-up E-commerce Co., Ltd., which includes two parts: global multi-language B2B precision marketing platform and cross-border e-commerce trading platform. Global Trading Tong supports 98 languages, covering 99% of countries and regions in the world. It has changed the traditional B2B marketing model and integrated enterprise websites, trade platforms, search marketing, small language marketing and other means into one. It has been praised as the founder of B2B 3.0 model in the industry.


General data overview of Global trade link (as of August 2017, the following data contain independent stations)

- 62435006 product information;

- average monthly visits to buyers are more than 800 thousand, and the number of visits is 7 million 500 thousand.

- the 821335 active buyers in the world come from 180 countries and regions.

- an average of 21000 enquiries per day.

- the average daily purchasers' information volume is more than 9000.


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