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Exhibition website

This kind of website design emphasizes the promotion of products, and is the product display box of enterprises. Using multimedia technology, database storage and query technology, three-dimensional display technology, with effective pictures and text description, the company's products (services) will be fully displayed to new and old customers, so that customers can understand the company's products in an all-round way. Compared with the printed materials of products, the website can create a more intuitive atmosphere and product appeal, promote the desire of merchants and consumers to purchase products, thereby promoting product sales.

The main way of product display of enterprise website

For enterprise website construction, product display (or case display) has become the initial purpose and most concerned part of website design for almost all enterprises. Good product display design can often convey the brand products and professional service content of the enterprise to the enterprise customers, so that customers can fully understand and understand the product quality, price, service and so on through the enterprise website. So, what are the main ways to display the product of an enterprise website?

List display design

Standard enterprise website product display will adopt this way. For users, this method is the most intuitive and easiest to accept. At the same time, the function of product search and search can also play its full role, so that the design of enterprise website has a relatively smooth user experience in product function.

Two, dynamic switching design

For products that want to pursue cool effects, it is most appropriate to use Flash or Ajax technology to realize the switching display of product pictures or case pictures. In the process of interaction with the website, users understand the characteristics and quality of the product, so as to deepen the recognition of corporate brand and product quality. However, due to the requirements of network speed and system configuration, not every user can see the effect of this interactive experience design very well. Therefore, in the process of making enterprise websites, we should consider different system configurations, network speeds, browser usage characteristics and user habits, and add various forms of presentation in the code. For example, browsers without Flash players are replaced by text.

Three. Scenario based product design

For home, jewelry, automobile and other industries, website construction can make full use of the scenes to highlight the performance and decorative features of products. For example, IKEA's website design puts home products in the website design scene with home background. In this way, users can further understand the attributes of products by clicking on the corresponding products in the scene. At the same time, they can also observe the actual utility of products from the perspective of simulating the actual effect and stimulate users'desire to buy.

High end display website construction standard

With the advent of the Internet era, the image of the website is increasingly affecting people's views. The construction of high-end exhibition websites needs to adopt the idea of "seeking development with creativity" to set up websites, focusing on solving the following problems:

First, the planning of columns.

According to the different industry customers set up different column plates, to reflect the characteristics of the website itself. For example, furniture industry, can plan "product display", "engineering case", "marketing network" and other columns.

Two, the style of design

According to the clients of different industries, we plan and design the overall vision of the website. Let visitors see the website can think of the company's brand image.

Three, multi lingual support

Because of the particularity of high-end websites, they may face customers from different countries, so they need to produce different language versions.

Four, animation display effect

In the field of Internet, animation is an excellent tool to embody design creativity. If the animation is regarded as flashing, flashing and other gorgeous effects, it is too superficial; the use of animation technology should proceed from the point of view conducive to product display, rather than just adding dynamic effects to the website.


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