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WeChat marketing

WeChat applet, or CX, is an application that can be used without downloading and installation. The applet is parallel to WeChat's subscription number, service number and enterprise number.

The five entry of WeChat applet:

1. Line scan code.

The most basic way to get small programs is two-dimensional code. You can open sweep, through the WeChat scanning line under the two-dimensional code into the small program.

2, WeChat search

At the top of the WeChat client search window, you can search for a small program through search.

3. Public number Association

Small programs and public numbers of the same subject can be associated and jumped to each other. This function needs to be set up by the developer and used independently.

A public number can bind five small programs, but a small program can only be bound by a public number. You can view and enter the bound widget through the public number, or vice versa, through the widget to view and enter the associated public number.

4, friends recommended

When you find a funny or useful applet, you can forward the applet, or a page of it, to friends or group chats.

But note that applets can't be shared in the circle of friends.

5, historical records

When you have used a small program, you can see it in the list of "Discovery-Small Programs" of the Wechat client. If you want to use it again, you can enter it through the history of the list.

Small program development direction

Summarizing the above types, we can see that there are several directions for the development of small programs.

1. Small programs can be used as Minimal Variable Products for rapid iteration testing of product core functions. Because the small program development cycle is shorter and lighter, the product development team can test some core functions on the small program to get user feedback.

2. optimize the new process through small programs. Compared with the direct download of APP, the applet has obvious advantages in the non WIFI environment. For some products imported offline, a small program is a more portable "sample" for users.

3. complete the advance of offline services through small programs. Whether ordering or filling in information, the user directly operates on the small program, which can reduce the cost of human resources and improve the overall efficiency of the merchants/service providers.

Missing small programs, missing 100 billion market

The future development trend and advantages of small programs. The small program market is conservative 500 billion a year.


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