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Mobile web site

Mobile web site

Mobile version websites (or WAP websites) refer to websites written in WML specially for mobile browsing, usually based on text information and simple picture information. In fact, with the development of smart phones, the functions of mobile phones with operating systems and browsers are very similar to those of computers. With this kind of mobile phones, almost all www websites can be browsed through GPRS. Whether the websites are special WAP websites or not, programs designed specifically for mobile phones can also be installed. Such as mobile phone stocks, mobile phone QQ, mobile MSN, mobile phone website and so on. Of course, due to the limited screen size and CPU processing power of mobile phones, the website optimized for mobile phones is more convenient for users to browse. This also puts forward new requirements for website design: website should be adapted to mobile phone browsing.

What are the advantages of mobile Internet relative to PC network?

1. high portability:
In addition to sleeping time, mobile devices are generally much higher than PC's time to accompany their owners. This characteristic determines that the use of mobile devices to access the Internet can bring unparalleled advantages of PC Internet access, that is, communication and access to information is far more convenient than PC devices.

2. privacy:

The privacy of mobile device users is much higher than that of PC users. It is not necessary to consider how communication operators and equipment providers implement it technically. High privacy determines the characteristics of mobile Internet terminal applications - data sharing ensures the validity of authenticated customers as well as the security of information. This is different from the openness, transparency and openness of the Internet. Under the Internet, the user information of the PC terminal system can be collected. Mobile Internet users obviously do not need to know or even share information on their own devices.

3. light weight:

In addition to long winded, casual communication, voice calls can be used for voice calls. The basic functions of mobile device communication represent the convenience and shortcoming of mobile devices. Continuing this feature and the characteristics of equipment manufacturing, mobile communication users will not accept complex PC-like input operations on mobile devices - users'fingers can use "finger-to-finger" body language to control equipment.

Advantages of mobile website

One-click Call: Users can call the designated telephone directly, shorten the distance between users, simplify the transaction process, and achieve faster cooperation.

One touch map: locate the user's current geographic location, give map navigation, and guide users to tap the needs.

One-click Message: When your visitors see what they like, they can inform us of your needs with one click.

One-click Sharing: When your visitors see the content they like, they can share it to the major social media with one click.


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