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Marketing web site

Marketing website

The so-called marketing website is to achieve a specific marketing goal, which can integrate marketing ideas, methods and techniques into the website planning, design and production. The most common marketing website's goal is to get sales leads or get orders directly.

A good marketing website, like a salesman, knows customers; is good at persuasion; has very strong persuasion; can catch the attention of visitors; can insight into the needs of users; can effectively convey its own advantages; can remove the psychological barriers of users in decision-making, and smoothly promote the retention of target customers. Sales leads or direct orders. More importantly, it does not feel tired for 24 hours.

Marketing website is the development of the website, integrating various network marketing concepts and website operation management methods. It not only pays attention to the professionalism of website construction, but also pays more attention to the whole process of website operation management. It is the whole network marketing mode of the integration of enterprise website construction, operation and maintenance.

What are the functions of Marketing Websites?

1, enhance corporate brand and publicize corporate image;

2, promote efficiency and reduce operating costs.

3, to meet user needs, enhance website conversion rate;

4, cater for search engine needs and get better ranking.

5, improve service quality and get positive evaluation.

6, the whole network promotion, seize potential customers.

Difference from ordinary websites

First, the purpose of the two websites is different. The purpose of the ordinary enterprise websites is to show the company's introduction and product information, and choose the enterprises of this kind of websites. The purpose of the websites is to have a window to show their enterprises on the Internet, that's all. If such website needs to do network promotion, there is no other way to do bidding. The marketing website has its own function of SEO. Once the website is built, it can optimize some keywords on the front page of the search engine as long as someone can operate and maintain it normally.

Second, the difference in online interaction, ordinary websites either do not have online interactive tools, or some message boards or a floating online QQ. No matter which page it is, it appears in a fixed position. The marketing website, according to the different situation of each page, scientifically and reasonably set up online consulting tools, floating, fixed. There is an online consultation button on both sides of the website, at the head or bottom of the website, and at the location where the text of the page needs to be located.

Third, the difference in website structure, ordinary websites only consider whether the content of the website is fully displayed, and do not pay too much attention to the website structure and internal chain settings. Marketing websites do a good job of scientific layout and internal chain according to the search spider crawling habits, user browsing habits and the correlation before each page.

Fourth, the difference in page access speed, ordinary websites in the pursuit of page aesthetics, may use a lot of big pictures, animation, JS special effects, etc. All these factors will cause the website to be opened more slowly. And marketing websites will use DIV, CSS and other methods to replace these methods, the effect is similar, but the file size will be much smaller, more importantly, it is very conducive to search engine crawl. Through the above points, in fact, we can see that the so-called marketing website construction is more meticulous and technical than the ordinary website.

Marketing websites can not only help enterprises eliminate the above two big money-burning behaviors, so that enterprises'websites have more advantages in their peers, can attract the eyes of target consumers, and let consumers have purchasing intentions, and about 30% of the traffic of Marketing Websites comes from free search traffic, which helps to some extent. To help enterprises reduce the promotion efforts and reduce the cost of enterprise promotion. Websites are not finished when they are built. The construction of enterprise websites should also consider the links of inclusion, traffic, ranking, transformation and transaction. It is not that a website can make money, nor can a website do a good job of network marketing. Moreover, enterprises should conform to the standards in website construction, and be reasonable and scientific in website structure, website optimization, website aesthetics, customer experience and so on. Only by marketing and supplemented by technology can we avoid the defects of ordinary websites.

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