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Business representative

Job requirements:

1. Men and women are not restricted. Graduates are priority. Age is below 27 years old.

2. College degree or above, majors are unlimited, computer, marketing and other related majors are preferred;

3, standard Putonghua, good at communication and communication.

4, those who are willing to challenge high salaries are priority.

5, if the conditions are excellent, you can limit the above restrictions.


1, visit and visit Xiangyun platform products.

2, sales methods communicate with business owners to facilitate cooperation.

Salary treatment: unreliable base salary 1500-3300 basic salary + commission (10%-20%) + performance + car compensation + bonus + intra-group performance = 5000-10000 or so.

Other benefits:

1. A good platform for promotion and development: without paratroopers, quarterly recruitment mechanism, all middle and senior level are selected internally;

2. Regular management of working and resting time: 8-hour working day; rest according to national statutory holidays, paid annual leave;

3. Rich team activities and going out with colleagues every month.

4. Two paid public tours per year (domestic tours in May + overseas tours at the end of the year), regular outward bound training, regular on-the-job training and holiday benefits.

WeChat public platform development


1, responsible for the system's technical architecture and outline design;

2, core module coding and system reconfiguration;

3, can complete the detailed design and coding, code Review independently.

4. Responsible for the design, development and maintenance of PHP software on the server side (ThinkPHP framework).

5, responsible for the design, development and maintenance of WeChat interface;

6. Responsible for the interface and data management required by WeChat public platform, and developing API data interface.

7. Experience in network application system analysis and design.

8. Strong ability to learn and apply new technologies; innovative spirit; APP mobile client development and production.

9. responsible for the development and maintenance of APP application products.

10. develop the application on iOS (iphone/ipad) platform according to the company's product strategy.

Salary: 3000 yuan plus bonus + subsidy + double break

Welfare benefits: the company provides regular public travel, regular outreach training, regular on-the-job training, holiday rest, holiday benefits, paid annual leave

Administrative Clerk


1. Meticulous, responsible and self motivated;

2. Good writing skills, careful and careful work, careful and careful, and strong orderliness.

3. Actively carry out the assigned work, with high efficiency, teamwork spirit, good organizational communication and coordination skills, strong sense of confidentiality;

4, can be inexperienced, but skilled in office software.

Salary: salary 1500~2000 + bonus + subsidy

Internet Editor Intern (2 person)

Operating duty:

1. Responsible for daily updating of website content and production of special topics.

2, can adapt to the network working environment, make full use of network resources to work;

3. Be down-to-earth, responsible, good communication and teamwork skills, able to withstand the stress of work; Job requirements: fresh graduates or full-time interns are preferred. Proficient in using Photoshop and other web page editing tools and office software, understand Html and other web language, have strong ability of text acquisition and editing, planning and innovation, etc.

4. proficient in editing software such as Dreamweaver/VB.NET.

5. skilled use of Adobe PhotoShop software

Salary: salary 1500~2000 + bonus + subsidy


Contact information

Unit address: room 1722-1726, 1, 17, 1722-1726, Nanjing South Street, Heping District, Shenyang.

Contact number: 024-66680802 13840155323

Contact: Chang Yu



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