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Xiangyun Platform is completely independent research and development by Suzhou Xiangyun Platform Information Technology Co., Ltd., and has all independent intellectual property rights.

By summarizing the ranking rules of search engines, Xiangyun Platform optimizes the website rationally, so as to improve the ranking of Baidu and Google, and let search engines bring customers to you. Through such a set of marketing ideas based on search engine as SEO, we can provide an ecological self-marketing solution for the website, so that the website occupies a leading position in the industry, thus gaining brand benefits.

Xiangyun platform search engine optimization is divided into 8 parts:

1. Domain Name, Space Selection 2, Key Word Evaluation 3, Website Design Framework Selection 4, Content Construction 5, Online Detection 6, External Chain Construction 7, News Update 8, Comprehensive Detection of SEO

Xiangyun platform follows the following principles:

Reasonably optimize the website, improve user experience, and rationally connect with other websites, so as to improve the ranking of the site in the search engine. Customer experience is the ultimate pursuit of network value. Everything is for the purpose of customer experience.

BOSSGOO. COM (全球贸易通)is the global network marketing and cross-border e-commerce trading platform of Ningbo High-tech Zone Interconnected Start-up E-Commerce Co., Ltd. which includes two parts: global multi-language B2B precision marketing platform and cross-border e-commerce trading platform. Global Trading Tong supports 20 major global languages, covering 90% of the world's countries and regions, changes the traditional B2B marketing model, integrates enterprise websites, trade platforms, search marketing, small language marketing and other means into one, and is praised as the founder of B2B 3.0 model in the industry.

Global Trading Link helps enterprises to establish global independent marketing websites with 20 languages, and helps enterprises to market 20 language Marketing Websites for local search such as Google and Yahoo. Through the intelligent optimization system of Global Trading Link, it can get better exposure in search results and help customers get accurate results. Buyers enquiries. At the same time, GTC integrates mainstream overseas marketing channels, including search advertising CPC, e-mail marketing EDM, social media marketing, mobile website and two-dimensional code application, to help enterprises carry out multi-channel marketing promotion.

Western Data was founded in 2002, and the company has been established for 10 years. It is mainly based on ASP Internet basic services and IDC telecommunication resources services.

Scope of services: various kinds of virtual host rental, Internet exclusive sharing bandwidth rental, server hosting, server rental, enterprise e-post office, enterprise website network promotion, domain name registration, industry solutions, industry software development, system integration and other telecommunications value-added services. The company has good cooperative relations with Sichuan Telecom and many IDCs, and has been committed to the popularization and development of Internet applications in China. It has provided network application services for well-known large enterprises and authoritative institutions at home and abroad, and has won good reputation and considerable achievements.

In 2006, Xiamen NANET Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Xiamen. It started with eight teams. After more than ten years of development, NANET Technology now has more than 200 teams. Its branches are located in Beijing, Jinan, Xiamen and other places. Its business scope radiates to the whole country. The technology of domain name is currently one million leading domains, and is one of the leading domain name registrars in China. At present, in China, NATE is the only domain name registrar that can register all the domain names on sale worldwide for customers.

NANET technology has been committed to the security of the Internet basic services industry, more than ten years of development has made it have a strong strength and rich industry experience. In 2015, NANET integrated its data protection practice for more than ten years, and devoted its efforts to build data disaster preparedness software, Ebay, in order to maximize the protection of data assets of small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide a safe and reliable data safe. Starting from Ebaoan, NANET technology helps entrepreneurs and transformers to enter the Internet and is committed to becoming an effective partner for Internet security.

The nature of the enterprise

NANET technology is a top-level registered service institution with double certification of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and Internet Domain Name System Supreme Management Agency (ICANN), focusing on the basic services of secure Internet.


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