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Shenyang JM water treatment
Upload time:2018/2/5
Customer introduction
Shenyang Jieming Water Treatment Company was founded in 2001. Nowadays, Jieming Water Treatment Equipment and Solutions covers municipal, food, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, electronic, automobile, cleaning, textile, printing and dyeing, swimming pool and other industries. The service areas are all over Northeast China, large and medium-sized cities and towns in North China and exported to Asia. Non state and regional.

    Shenyang Jieming staff adhere to the enterprise vision of "thinking of Jieming first when customers need it" and the business philosophy of "striving for perfection and repaying society", from water quality inspection, project feasibility study to scheme design, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation, operation debugging and after-sales service in every link for users. Provide reliable engineering equipment and technical support to provide the highest quality and reliable solution. Jieming will continue to move forward, focusing on product quality and customer needs, constantly forge ahead, with the highest enthusiasm, make the best efforts to become the leading enterprise in water treatment industry!

Website design concept

The website is a marketing website. The characteristics of the marketing website are to meet the customers'browsing experience, online consultation and search engine optimization. The website chooses a long version. First, it shows Jieming's water treatment equipment. Then it talks about the four advantages of Jieming in water treatment. Finally, it shows the enterprise in Zhonghong. The cooperative customers get a good reputation in the industry. Finally, online message and QQ consulting functions are added to the website, which can give feedback to visitors at the first time when they have problems.



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