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Lining metal products
Upload time:2017/6/14
Customer introduction
Shenyang Linuo Metal Products Co., Ltd. belongs to Shanxi Litian Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. It is a joint-stock private enterprise mainly engaged in stainless steel trade. Founded in 1996, the company has made remarkable achievements after more than 10 years of extraordinary efforts. In the past more than 10 years, it has been accompanied by the development of China's economy and stainless steel industry. Litian Stainless Steel keeps on reforming and innovating, keeps forging ahead, always closely combines its own development with the growth of the stainless steel industry. While providing users with products and personalized services, it has achieved good business performance and gradually formed an increasingly perfect corporate governance and management mechanism, as well as a more advanced science and technology support system. Higher quality staff, reasonable distribution network and other advantages, and has become the core agent of large steel plants such as Shanxi Taigang, Guangdong Lianzhong. Up to now, Litian has five branches all over the country, and has become a national large trading company integrating logistics and distribution, which has a certain impact on China's stainless steel industry.





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