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Golden Ladies
Upload time:2017/4/8
Customer introduction
Shenyang Golden Lady Wedding Garment Photography Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. When Shenyang's newlyweds were satisfied with a wedding photo in their bridal room, Mr. Gong Hanxing, one of the founders of China Golden Lady Wedding Garment Photography Group, came to Shenyang from Taiwan with the ideal of changing the consumption concept of marriage of Shenyang and Northeast newlyweds. . In May 1993, Mrs. King opened her main store in the North Market. She immediately engaged professional wedding photographers and cosmetics and stylists from Taiwan to provide on-site services in a brand-new way of operation, luxurious and bright shops, luxurious and elegant wedding dresses, lively photographic postures and advanced mounting forms. Let Shenyang photographic industry shocked. Especially the "one-to-one" service management mode initiated by Mrs. King has shaken the traditional concept of Shenyang photography industry.

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