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Half fish design company
Upload time:2017/4/8
Customer introduction
Half Fish is a company specializing in wardrobe, cabinet and other customized design. The company mainly includes three-dimensional department, engaged in the production of effect maps, rendering, graphic department responsible for album design, logo design, VI design, as well as posters, exhibition flyers and website construction. At the same time, the company trains excellent 3D designers and continuously injects fresh energy. Since its establishment for many years, Half a Fish has been growing its own development. It is famous for its specialty. Many designers pursue the combination of art and technology. With professional design level, close to life design concept and design consciousness of keeping up with fashion trend, it has won the recognition of customers all over the country. The studio pursues the combination of point, line and surface in the design of cabinets and wardrobes, the integration of light and shadow, the perfect integration of effect maps and actual scenes, the atmosphere of design style, and the taste in details. Through continuous development and expansion, it has the market competitiveness and strong technical strength. Our goal has always been to pursue perfection, keep improving and provide the best service to our customers.

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