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Shenyang Song Zhi Yu primary agricultural products Co., Ltd.
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Customer introduction
Shenyang Singzhiyu Primary Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a green, organic and healthy recycling chain with the attitude of benefiting the laboring people and providing food security for the urban people. Looking back on the past, the peasants worked hard and busy, day after day, the years destroyed their bodies, once straightened body tired and bent, bright cheeks also covered with wrinkles. They are simple and kind, but fruits and vegetables that are planted wholeheartedly do not bring them wealth. At present, people in cities are worried about the massive use of highly toxic pesticides and veterinary drugs, the misuse and abuse of additives, and the food safety problems caused by various industries and environmental pollution. We just hope to link the two, learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, so that city people can safely eat non-polluting products from rural areas, but also to increase farmers'income. Let more people pay attention to health and pay attention to health. Our aim is to bring safety and security to the city people and to enrich the peasants. We will continue to expand our influence, constantly demand organic environmental protection, and help our hometown build a well-off society. Gradually promote the organic green, healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle to the whole province, the whole country, and even the whole world!


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